Golden egg spin.


At level 99:

Hp: Physical Damage: Magical Damage:  Speed:     Physical Resistance: Magical Resistance:
2233 1086  1106     18 1730 2065


Payback: When you get hit, reflect 75% of the damage.

Ally Frost: Single-target attack. +50.00% damage per ally with the same element. 1060-1295 Magical damage(water). 130 TUs.

Blizzard: AOE(multi-target) attack. 860-1051 magical damage(water). 200 TUs.

Holyvoid: Sacrifices this arkadion. Provides 100% damage reduction from the next two incoming Holy-type attacks. 

Detonate: Sacrifices this arkadion. Single-target attack. 4298-5253 Physical damage. 

Other information:

Hunt this Arkadion?

No. It's only obtainable through golden egg spins. Which means luck or in real life money. Plus the stats and abilities are miserable.

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