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Duskroc is a 6.5 star Bird Arkadion. Its element is Air.


Evolve from Duskhawk.

Golden eggs        


1st Form

Evolves at lvl 16

2nd Form

Evolves at lvl 28

3rd Form

Final Evolution

IMG 0415
Duskling Duskhawk Duskroc


Stats are based on my Lv. 28 Duskroc immediately after evolving.

HP Attack  Magic Speed Defense Resistance
453 288 124 16 323 275


Stats are based on Lv. 28 Duskroc immediately after evolving.

Moves TU Description
Earthvoid 250 Targets all Arkadions in your party. Prevents 100% of Earth damage from enemies for two hits. Sacrifices your Arkadion.
Enrage 100 Increases Attack by 84 for all party members.
Chain Beak 160 Targets 1 enemy. 387-474 physical damage (Air). Damage splashes to enemies who are same element as the original target.
Insectoside 160 Targets all enemies. 129-158 physical damage (Air). 200% damage to Insects.

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