Felimancer is an 8.5 star Humanoid Arkadion. Its element is Shadow.


Evolves from Felichanter.        

Golden Egg.        


1st Form

(Evolves at level 42)

2nd Form

Felichanter Felimancer

Stats (As taken in lvl. 39)Edit

HP Attack  Magic Speed Defense Resistance
746 290 601 18 518 663

Moves (As taken in lvl 39)Edit

Move TU Description
Bloodmagic 250 Targets 1 enemy. 2022-2471 Magical damage (Shadow).

Extra effect: Sacrifices the last Arkadion in your line-up that is not in battle.

Charisma - Targets all allies.

+39 Attack

+39 Magic

Plague 160 Targets all enemies. Decreases speed by 30% For the duration of

[500 TU] Extra effect: Deals 522-638 Shadow damage over the duration.

Rage Mode 100 Targets 1 Ally. take the Arkadion's defense and add it to the attack.

+518 Attack

-518 Defense

Nightfall 200 Targets all enemies. 467-570 Magical damage (Shadow).

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