Goldio is a 7 star Metal Arkadion. Its element is Elementless.


Currently Unobtainable.        

Evolution (Not sure if it evolves or fuses, so I'll assume evolving)Edit

1st Form

2nd Form

Goldio Goldius

Stats (As in lvl. 38)Edit

HP Attack  Magic Speed Defense Resistance
721 204 120 15 601 521

Moves (As in lvl 38)Edit

Move TU Description
Headbutt 130 Targets 1 enemy. 230-281 physical damage (Elementless).
Replicate 250 Targets this Arkadion only. Creates 1 copy of itself.

Extra effect: Current HP of the creator is shared with the copy.

Last Stand 50 Targets 1 enemy. 110-123 Physical damage (Elementless).

Extra effect: Damage increases by 700.00% if this Arkadion is the only remaining one in the battle(All allies died).

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