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Halopard is an Angelic type Arkadion that evolves from Halocat at level 34.

Halocat is a Holy elemental, which makes it very strong against Shadow types, but weaker compared to most other types.


Level HP Attack Magic Speed Defence Resist
1 52 29 29 15 44 48
99* 1759 981 981 17 1521 1623
  • Level 99 with the best ocarina.


Name Targets

Effect to targets

(level 1)

Effect to targets

(level 99)

Other effects TU
Brilliance Up to 1 enemies Deals 38-47 Magical damage (Holy) Deals 1323-1617 Magical damage (Holy) - 160
Haste All Arkadions in your party Increase Speed by 38% Increase Speed by 38% - 100
Offering All Arkadions in your party Heals 171-210 HP Heals 5824-7119 HP Sacrifices your Arkadion 250
Reinforce All Arkadions in your party

+3 Defense

+3 Resist

+297 Defense

+297 Resist

- 100

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