Hammertooth is a 7 star Aquatic Arkadion. Its element is shadow.


Evolves from Scallotooth.        

Golden egg,        


1st Form

Evolves at lvl 26

2nd Form

Final Evolution

Scallotooth Hammertooth

Stats (At lvl. 1)Edit

HP Attack  Magic Speed Defense Resistance
36 86 54 21 9 9


Moves (At lvl. 1)Edit

Moves TU Description
Bite 100 Targets 1 enemy. 77-94 Physical damage (Shadow).
Fangs 160 Targets all enemies. 54-67 Physical damage (Fire).
Devour 250 Self-affect only. Sacrifices last Arkadion in line-up that isn't in battle.

Heals 107-130 hp.

Effectiveness increases 3.0% per level of the sacrificed target.

Soul Eater 250 Targets 1 enemy. 127-156 Physical damage (Shadow).

Extra effect: damage increases by 25.00% for every enemy this Arkadion defeats in a battle.

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