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Hydrowyrm is a 9 star dragon type Arkadion. It`s element is water.


Hydrowyrm evolves from Aquawing at lvl. You find Bluey 3 steps north of Argamis. It is a 1 in 221 chance so it may take a while.


1st Form

Evolves at lvl 6

2nd Form

Evolves at lvl 25

3rd Form

Evolves at lvl 50

4th Form

Final Evolution

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IMG 0689
IMG 0690
IMG 0691
Bluey Bluewing Aquawing Hydrowyrm


Stats taken from Lv. 50 immediately after evolving.

HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
1048 753 753 23 955 955

Stats taken from monsterpedia.

HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
68 48 48 20 60 60


Moves TU Description
Hydroclaw 250 Targets 1 enemy. 95-116 physical damage.
Tail Bash 100 Targets 2 enemies. 30-37 physical damage.
Ice Spikes 250 Targes all enemies. 45-55 magical damage.
Vengeance 160 Targets 1 enemy. 38-47 physical damage. +15% per ally defeated in battle.

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