Megajaw is a 3.5 star Aquatic Arkadion. Its element is Water.


Currently Unobtainable.        


1st Form

2nd Form

Megajaw Megalorex

Stats (As in lvl. 42)Edit

HP Attack  Magic Speed Defense Resistance
558 153 87 5 349 262

Moves (As in lvl 42)Edit

Move TU Description
Berserk - Berserk Arkadions chooses their own targets. They do not try to harm your own party.
Devour 130 Self-affect only. Sacrifices last Arkadion in line-up that isn't in battle.

Heals 98-119 hp

Effectiveness increases 3.0% per level of the sacrificed target.

Doublebite 100 Targets 2 enemies. 98-119 Physical damage (Water).
Wanestrike 100 Targets 1 enemy. 137-168 Physical damage (Water).

Extra effect: Decreases the enemy's stats:

-42 Attack

-42 Magic

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