Mossling is a 5.5 star Plant Arkadion. Its element is Earth.


Online Mission.        


1st Form

(Evolves at level 42)

2nd Form

Mossling Mossgolem

Stats (As taken at lvl. 40)Edit

HP Attack  Magic Speed Defense Resistance
630 188 146 12 522 417

Moves (As taken at lvl 40)Edit

Move TU Description
Ally Fist 160 Targets 1 enemy. 215-262 physical damage (Earth).

Extra effect: Damage increases by 50.00% for every ally of the same element.

Call Earth 50 Target this Arkadion only. Bring Arkadions of this element type to the front of your line-up.
Fang Break - Alters attacker's stats upon hitting this Arkadion.

-40 Attack

-40 Magic

Last Will - Death Revenge Effects to Random Target [100% chance]: This effect does not activate if the killing blow was also a battle ending blow.

+105 Defense

+105 Resist

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