Necrodrake is a 9 star Dragon Arkadion. Its element is Shadow.


Evolves from Darkling.        

"Darkling is a reward for a quest from Orlen:        

level 30 Arkadions to 99."        


1st Form

(Evolves at level 42)

2nd Form

Darkling Necrodrake

Stats (As in lvl. 39)Edit

HP Attack  Magic Speed Defense Resistance
831 831 332 5 831 561

Moves (As in lvl 42)Edit

Move TU Description
Guardian 100 Self-affect only. Enemies are more likely to attack this target for a duration of [500 TU].
No Guard 160 Self-affect only. Adds this Arkadion's defense to its Attack for a duration of [500 TU].

+831 Attack

-831 Defense

Rend 250 Targets 1 enemy. 1644-2009 physical damage (Shadow).
Stampede 200 Targets all enemies. 646-789 Physical damage (Shadow).

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