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Nilomoth is a 9 star mystic type arkadion. It's element is elementless.


Nilomoth is created by fusing Nilos and Musharoo. The recipe can be obtained by completing a side quest in Yelan.


HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
75 48 48 12 60 60


Nilomoth does not evolve.


Move TU Description
Starknuckle 250 Targets 1 enemy. 95-116 physical damage.
Tachyon 250 Targets 1 enemy. 95-166 magical damage.
Devour 250 Targets Nilomoth. Sacrifices the last arkadion in your line-up thats not in battle. Heals 95-116 HP +3% per lvl of sacrificed arkadion
Risky Heal 250 Target 1 ally. Heals 95-116 HP. 40% chance to sacrifice Nilomoth.

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