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Omegawyrm is a 12 star, elementless Arkadion. Its fusion recipie is earned by beating Omegawyrm, Magmawyrm, and Typhonwyrm on the top tip of Cresent Island.


Type: Dragon

Element: None

Fusion of Typhonwyrm and Magmawyrm

Skills (level 99)Edit

Move Effect Description
No Guard +2051 Attack, -2051 Defense Adds Arkadion's Defense to its Attack. Duration: 500

Time Units: 100

Terminate 2093-2558 Elementless Physical AOE. This ability targets all enemies.

Time Units: 250

Supernova 2093-2558 Elementless Magic AOE: This ability targets all enemies.

Time Units: 250

Vengeance 2177-2660 Elementless (+15% per defeated ally in a battle) This ability targets up to 1 enemy. Deals more damage the more allies have been defeated.

Stats (level 99)Edit

HP Attack  Magic Speed Defense Resistance
2456 2221 2221 25 2051 2051

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