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Raioh is a 6 star mystic type Arkadion. It's element is wind.


Raioh can be found west of Batek.


HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
40 11 26 13 14 28


Raioh does not evolve. 4x raioh makes 1 Raijin


Moves TU Description
Stun Skin 0 Targets all enemies. Stuns for 120 TUs. Takes effect after Raioh is killed.
Ally Spark 160 Targets 1 enemy. 29-36 magical damage. +50% per ally with same element.
Thunderclap 160 Targets all enemies. 17-20 magical damage.
Haste 100 Targets all allies. +38% to speed.
Stun Gift 250 Targets all allies. When allies attack, stuns target for 150 TUs. Effect removed at end of turn. Sacrifices Raioh.

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