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Snowja is a Humanoid type Arkadion that can be obtained in a golden egg spin or as an Online Mission reward at 2/1/14. It also evolves from Samuraice at level 38.

Snowja is a water elemental, which makes it strong against fire types and weak against air.


Level HP Attack Magic Speed Defence Resist
1 50 48 36 19 60 60
99 1522 1441 1086 21 1831 1831


Name Targets

Effect to targets

(level 1)

Effect to targets

(level 99)

Other effects TU
Metal Slash Up to 1 enemy Deals 45-55 Physical damage (Water) Deals 1359-1662 Physical damage (Water) + 500% against Metal Type 160
Slaughter All enemies Deals 45-55 Physical damage (Water) Deals 1358-1659 Physical damage (Water) - 250
No Guard this Arkadion only

+ 60 Attack

- 60 Deffence

+ 1831 Attack

- 1831 Defence

Adds Arkadion's Deffence to its Attack 100
Xenoslash Up to 1 enemy Deals 136-167 Physical Damage (Water) Deals 4119-5034 Physical Damage (Water) - 99,90% per enemy with the same element 200

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