When you start out the game, you are allowed to choose your starting arkadion, like in pokemon. In battle their stats or methods of damage are all the same. The starters are frostkit, brakie, snorkling, and spark. Each of them have:

  • A one-target physical attack (start out with it and lose it at lv.21)
  • A one-target magic attack (start out with it and lose it at lv.21)
  • Last Stand (gained at lv.5)
  • A strong, one-target physical attack (gained at lv.5)
  • A chain attack ( gained at lv.21)
  • An all-target magic attack ( gained at lv.21)

The only thing you have to keep in mind is the element. The first ones (bosses) of each area are:

You then choose your avatar; Leon (a boy) or Leona (a girl). The other one will become your partner and you will be seeing a lot of them also.

You will then encounter the earth type Fang. All you have to do though is use an ocarina and he will be yours.

Your partner will find a gold egg and you will either get another starter, a dragon, or a very strong arkadion. If you are unpleased with what you got, you can restart the file and hope for a better one. You will then encounter the Bandit Trio. Palmer will use Seedtooth, another earth type in this battle. After beating him, equip the ocarina Casper gives you. Before you go to Agramis, I recommend going back into Orlen and tapping the gravestone. Enter the passcode "Dragon Island" to get a Penguini. Continue to Agramis then, catching arkadions along the way if you like them.

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