Tiamat is a 10 star First One. Its element is elementless.All your arkadions should be lvl 95-100 to defeat this boss(6+star arkadions)


Tiamat is the final boss of the game. It is unlocked after it is defeated in The Tower.


HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
42,000 360 666 69 21 180


Moves TU Description
Survival 0 Increases Tiamat's stats for every arkadion defeated.
Supernova 250 Targets all enemies. 68-83 magical damage.
Heal 250 Targets 1 ally. Heals 144-177 HP.
Necroclaw 250 Targets 1 enemy. 144-177 physical damage.
Vengeance 200 Targets 1 enemy. 71-86 physical damage. +15% per ally defeated in battle.

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