Basic Info Edit

Triphoon is an 11 star dragon of the air element. He has Brash Beat, Rampage, Regenerate and Fang Break.

Stats Edit

Level 56
Health 1401
Attack 1105
Magic 602
Speed 21
Defense 1287
Resist 1110

*Please add more data if you got Triphoon before me.

Location Edit

You need to get him in a golden egg or fuse 5 Windras.

Moves Edit

Move TU Description
Brash Beat 250 Deal physical damage to 1 target. Take 25% of damage dealt
Rampage 250 Deal physical damage (about half of Brash Beat's) to all targets. take 25% of damage dealt
Regenerate 250 Inverts your health
Fang Break 250 When attacked, decreases attacker's attack and magic stats

Strategy Edit

He is a tank and an attacker that knows moves that cost him health. Bring a healer such as Angeleon, Nilomoth (Highly recommended), Halopard, or Orcow. Use Triphoon's moves to deal lots of damage and make the enemy start using their healers. Use Brash Beat on them. When health is 300 or below, use regenerate. Only use your healer if Triphoon won't be able to make it to his next turn where he can regenerate.

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