Volcawolf is a 9.5 star beast type arkidon. Its element is fire.


Volcawolf may be obtained in gold egg spins. His basic, Volcadog, is currently unobtainable.


HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resist
1574 1544 853 23 1445 1365

The above are Volcawolf's stats at lv. 77.        


Alpha Rage hits one target for 2081-2544 physical damage, and damage increases by 1% per arkidon in your lineup(160 TU).  Retreat sends Volcawolf to the back of the lineup(250 TU).  Call Air brings an air arkidon to the front of the lineup(50 TU).  Vengeance hits 1 target for 1249-1526 physical damage, and damage increases 15% per defeated ally(160 TU).

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